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Andrea Adams-Miller Embraces Promise Power in Relationships: “Making a Promise to Foster a Healthy Relationship”

Check this out everybody.  My friend, Andrea Adams-Miller, wrote a really nice article about the importance of promises in relationships.  She was kind enough to say that this article was inspired by me and my focus on the power of making a promise.   I thought I would share this article with you and encourage you to visit Andrea’s website:  http://www.sexualitytutor.com.  If you visit her blog on the website you’ll be able to read the entire article below.  Thanks to Andrea for highlighting the power of promises in helping to strengthen relationships.  This is one more area in life where making a promise — saying those two magic words I talk about — I Promise — can make all the difference.  Here’s a portion of the article and some more information about Andrea.  To Your Promise!  Matthew

Making a Promise to Foster a Healthy Relationship

by Andrea Adams-Miller

“The Sexuality Tutor”

This blog is inspired by my friend, Matthew Cossolotto, Creator of “Make A
Promise Day” (http://www.MakeAPromiseDay.com) because I would like all of
you to make a promise to your partner. While Matthew discusses various
financial, moral, and personal decisions when it comes to making a promise,
my challenge to you is focused on your relationship and your partner. As a
relationship consultant, I want you to make a promise to keep the words
“Break Up” and “Divorce” out of your vocabulary. Each time we utter
these words, we add power to them and start imaging our life as somehow
happier if we were alone, rather than deal with the day to day stresses of
maintaining a healthy relationship.

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About Andrea Adams-Miller

Objective:  To interactively educate all persons to achieve advanced knowledge, comprehension, and application of learned skills towards personal excellence and complete sexual health.

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