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Matthew Cossolotto, Creator of “Make A Promise Day,” Posts “What’s Your Promise?” Interview with Todd Newton on YouTube

Apr 06, 2011 – Author and guest speaker Matthew Cossolotto, creator of “Make A Promise Day” (May 4th — May The Fourth Be With You!), today announced that he has posted an inspiring 20-minute “What’s Your Promise?” interview with popular TV host Todd Newton.  Release of the interview is part of the countdown to “Make A Promise Day” 2011.

Newton has been the host of E! Entertainment Television’s red carpet coverage of various awards programs including the Academy Awards.  He is also known to millions of television viewers for his work on the Game Show Network, the Travel Network, and CBS.  This past year, Newton has been traveling the world as the host of the Travel Network’s World’s Wildest Game Shows.

During the interview, Newton discussed the life-changing promise he made to his grandmother, Eleanor Kruse (“Nana”), who performed as a comedienne in the St. Louis area during World War II.  After describing his Nana as someone who inspired and encouraged him and as the most important person in his life when he was growing up, Newton recounted the day he went to visit his grandmother in the hospital when she was terminally ill.  Seeing that she was fading fast, he knew this would be the last conversation he would have with her.  So he leaned in close to speak to her and the following words came out spontaneously and from the heart.

“Nana … I promise to always make you proud of me.”

Listen to Todd Newton’s “What’s Your Promise?” interview on YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ECJFj5wx-o

Talking about this promise some 17 years later is still an emotional experience for Newton, who became choked up during the interview.  Later in the interview, Newton said the promise he made to Nana was “the most important thing I have ever done, or said, or ever will commit to in my life.  It literally has changed my life for the better.”

During the lively and moving interview, Newton expressed his strong support for Matthew Cossolotto’s mission to share the power of making a promise with millions of people around the world: “I think what you’re doing is fantastic.  And I can’t thank you enough for reaching out to me and allowing me to be a part of this.  And I look forward to supporting your ‘Make A Promise Day’ in May and being a part of this great campaign as it grows, and grows, and grows.”

Newton is certainly not alone in supporting Cossolotto’s “Make A Promise” project.  The Town Board in Yorktown, New York, unanimously adopted a resolution on February 15, 2011, proclaiming May 4th to be “Make A Promise Day.”  Cossolotto is writing a book about the power of making a promise with a foreword by Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.  Here is a brief excerpt from Jack Canfield’s foreword to Cossolotto’s forthcoming book:

“When Matthew first told me about the heartfelt promise he made to his mother and that he was launching a special day called “Make A Promise Day” on May 4th, I was hooked. You could say he had me at “I promise.”… Contributing the foreword to this book and being associated with Matthew’s inspiring “Make-A-Promise” project is totally aligned with my life’s purpose.” http://www.JackCanfield.com

John Assaraf, best-selling author of Having It All, wrote this about Cossolotto’s “Make A Promise” project:  “I have spoken with Matthew about his project related to The Power of Making a Promise.  He told me about ‘Make A Promise Day‘ and his mission to highlight what he calls those two magic words:  ‘I Promise.’  I agree completely with him that there is something uniquely powerful about making a promise that goes beyond traditional goal-setting… Put simply, Matthew’s project is very promising indeed!”  http://www.JohnAssaraf.com

Author and publisher Rick Frishman wrote this about “Make A Promise Day”:   “Happy ‘Make A Promise Day’ everybody! I really like Matthew’s idea.  The power of making a promise to someone you care about really can change your life.  Great work Matthew … May The Fourth Be With You!”  http://www.RickFrishman.com

During her own “What’s Your Promise?” interview (to be released soon), Gail Lynne Goodwin, founder of http://www.InspireMeToday.com, said this about Cossolotto’s “Make A Promise” mission:  “You’re onto something big here.  Because when we make a promise we put our word on the line and we have to step up for it… I commend you on the word you’re doing.  It’s an inspiration to me.”

Cossolotto knows about the power of making a promise from personal experience.  He made a promise to his mother on her deathbed that he would finish writing a book he had been discussing with her, get it published, and dedicate it to her memory. The resulting book, complete with Cossolotto’s dedication to his mother, is HabitForce! How to Kick the Habits of FAILURE and Adopt the Habits of SUCCESS.

In the run-up to “Make A Promise Day” 2011, Cossolotto is asking supporters to spread the word about “Make A Promise Day” to jurisdictions across the U.S. and around the world.  He encourages people to urge appropriate authorities in their town, city, county, state (or province) and country to adopt a “Make A Promise Day” Proclamation similar to the one passed by the Yorktown, New York, Town Board.  See earlier press release (http://prlog.org/11399160) with the proposed text of a resolution that could be adapted and adopted by appropriate authorities in jurisdictions around the world.

To underscore the power of making a promise, Cossolotto cites several high-profile examples:
•   Oprah Winfrey made a promise to Nelson Mandela that she would build a school for girls in South Africa.
•   Nancy Brinker, author of Promise Me and founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, promised her sister and breast cancer victim Suzy that she would help find a cure.
•   Before his daughter’s wedding, former president Bill Clinton made a promise to Chelsea that he would watch his diet and take care of his health.
•   NBC’s Al Roker made a promise to his dying father that he would deal with his weight issues.
•   Kody Bateman, CEO of Send Out Cards, made a promise to his departed brother (and himself) that he would act on his promptings and find a way to help others do the same.  He founded Send Out Cards as a result of this heartfelt promise.
•   Kirk Smalley made a promise do everything he could to stop bullying after his 11-year-old stepson, Ty Field, committed suicide because he was being bullied at school.

Cossolotto invites people around the world to submit short summaries of their moving true stories of promises made and promises kept for possible inclusion in forthcoming books, presentations, and interviews.  Send a few sentences describing your promise to:  Matthew.Promises@Gmail.com.

About Todd Newton
Todd Newton is known to audiences worldwide for his work on E!, Gameshow Network and CBS. Newton is also one of the most popular game show hosts today, having awarded over $25,000,000 in cash and prizes on shows such as Whammy!, Hollywood Showdown and The Price Is Right Live at Bally’s Las Vegas. Often referred to as “America’s Life Coach,” Newton is the founder and CEO Todd Newton Life Strategies, LLC, delivering coaching, clinical hypnotherapy and seminars to groups and individuals nationwide who are seeking higher levels of achievement and empowerment.  As a sought after motivational speaker, Todd Newton has inspired thousands with his dynamic “I Want, I Will, I Win!” and “The Choice Is Yours” presentations. For more information please visit http://www.toddnewtonlive.com.

About Matthew Cossolotto

Creator of “Make A Promise Day” (May 4th), Matthew Cossolotto (aka “The Podium Pro”) is an author, guest speaker, CEO-level speechwriter, and speech coach. A former aide to House Speaker Jim Wright and Congressman Leon Panetta, Matthew also served as a CEO speechwriter at MCI, Pepsi-Cola International, and GTE. The author of HabitForce! and All The World’s A Podium, he’s working on a new book with a foreword by Jack Canfield about the power of making a promise. Matthew brings his Personal Empowerment Programs — “PEPTalks”– to colleges, associations, and corporations. Visit http://www.ThePodiumPro.com; http://www.MakeAPromiseDay.wordpress.com; http://www.MakeAPromiseDay.com; Follow Matthew and “Make A Promise Day” on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/MakeAPromiseDay. “Make A Promise Day” greeting cards and other exciting gift items are available for convenient online purchase by visiting Matthew’s Zazzle store: http://www.Zazzle.com/TheCoz.

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