"Make A Promise Day" — May 4th

May The Fourth Be With You!

Foreword To My Forthcoming Book — The Power of Making a Promise — By Jack Canfield

As you may know already, I’m writing a book about the power of making a promise with a foreword by Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.  In the foreword Jack describes a life-changing promise he made in his life.  He also says some very nice things about my Make A Promise mission.  I want to thank Jack for his support and encouragement.  Here’s just a sampling of what Jack writes in his uplifting and very generous foreword:

When Matthew first told me about the heartfelt promise he made to his mother and that he was launching a special day called “Make A Promise Day” on May 4th, I was hooked.  You could say he had me at “I promise.”

There was something very attractive, almost magnetic, about this concept.  And I say that as somebody who has been intimately involved in the personal development field for many years.  I’ve seen and heard just about everything …

With a promise your heart and emotions are fully engaged.  Because of this, a promise is what I call a personal empowerment ‘twofer.’  It combines The Power of Intention with The Law of Attraction.  And that is a very powerful combination indeed …

Contributing the foreword to this book and being associated with Matthew’s inspiring “Make-A-Promise” project is totally aligned with my life’s purpose. I applaud Matthew for collecting and celebrating these uplifting stories about promises made and promises kept.

About Matthew Cossolotto: Creator of “Make A Promise Day” (May 4th), Matthew Cossolotto (aka “The Podium Pro”) is an author, guest speaker, CEO-level speechwriter, and speech coach. A former aide to House Speaker Jim Wright and Congressman Leon Panetta, Matthew also served as a CEO speechwriter at MCI, Pepsi-Cola International, and GTE. The author of HabitForce! and All The World’s A Podium, he’s working on a new book with a foreword by Jack Canfield about the power of making a promise. Matthew brings his Personal Empowerment Programs — “PEPTalks”– to colleges, associations, and corporations. Visit http://www.ThePodiumPro.com;  http://www.MakeAPromiseDay.com; http://www.MakeAPromiseDay.wordpress.com; Follow Matthew and “Make A Promise Day” on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/MakeAPromiseDay.  “Make A Promise Day” greeting cards and other exciting gift items are available for convenient online purchase by visiting Matthew’s Zazzle store: www.Zazzle.com/TheCoz.

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“What’s Your Promise?” Interview with Author Chris Cade

Chris Cade

A few months ago, I had the distinct pleasure and privilege of interviewing author and online spiritual entrepreneur Chris Cade.  Chris posted the interview and a nice write-up on his blog.  I posted the interview on my Make A Promise Day website and circulated news about the interview as much as possible.  But I realized recently that I failed to post a story and the interview itself on this blog.  I really haven’t been doing all that much blogging generally but I expect that to change this year.  So I wanted to make amends by posting the interview now.  It’s a really good interview.  Really gets into some interesting and deep ideas about the power of making a promise.  Chris reveals a heartfelt promise that he made in his life, a promise and information related to it that he has never discussed publicly before our interview.

So here’s a link to the article Chris posted on his blog complete with a link to the interview itself.   I hope you’ll take the time to listen to the entire interview.  It’s over an hour long but only because we really got into some very interesting and challenging territory about making and keeping promises.

In the interview you’ll hear me mention the fact that Jack Canfield is writing the foreword to my forthcoming book (working title:  I Promise — The Two Magic Words That Could Change Your Life and Transform The World) and talk briefly about the promise John Assaraf revealed in his interview for my book.  I also quote several promises from the Optimist Creed composed by Christian Larson.  You can obtain a free copy of the Optimist Creed on the Optimist website.  You can also print out a free, slightly revised version of the Optimist Creed that appears on website of Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret.  Go to the Visualization page.  Note also that I am including the 12 promises that appear in the Optimist Creed in my 30-day “A Promise A Day” program that I launched on January 1, 2011.  Please follow me on twitter (www.twitter.com/makeapromiseday) to receive my daily Tweets of what I call Personal Empowerment Promises (PEP).  There’s a PEP Talk in every Tweet!

Enjoy the interview with Chris Cade.  Please follow me on Twitter … and retweet if you like my Tweets.

To Your Promise!


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