"Make A Promise Day" — May 4th

May The Fourth Be With You!

Matthew Cossolotto – aka “The Podium Pro” and Creator of “Make A Promise Day” (May 4th) – Promotes His Signature PodiumPower! Programs and Services … Offers New Clients a 50% Special Discount on First Project

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Matthew Cossolotto

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Cossolotto’s PodiumPower! Lineup Includes:  Executive Speechwriting, One-on-One Speech Coaching, Strategic Messaging/Media Relations; Keynotes and Workshops

 YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, NY – August 26, 2011 — Matthew Cossolotto — aka “The Podium Pro” and author of All The World’s A Podium – is promoting his lineup of PodiumPower! programs and services by offering new clients a special 50% discount on their first project.  Cossolotto’s PodiumPower! lineup includes:  Executive speechwriting; one-on-one speech coaching; strategic messaging/media relations; keynotes and workshops.

Cossolotto is an accomplished CEO-level speechwriter and speech coach who also served as an aide to Congressman Leon Panetta (now Defense Secretary) and House Speaker Jim Wright.  In the private sector, Cossolotto has served as a top speechwriter and communications executive at MCI, Pepsi-Cola International, and GTE.

All The World’s A Podium (signed copies available on http://www.ThePodiumPro.com) has been praised by a diverse group of high-profile leaders and executives in both the private and public sectors, including Hendrik Hertzberg, former House Speaker Jim Wright, H. Brian Thompson, TJ Walker, John B. Anderson, Lou Tice, Chris Sinclair, Sherry Mueller, and Granville Toogood, author of The Articulate Executive.

Praise for Matthew Cossolotto, Author of All The World’s A Podium 

“Bravo!  Matthew deserves a prolonged standing ovation for All The World’s A Podium.”

– Jim Wright, Former Speaker, U.S. House of Representatives

“I recommend [Matthew’s] new book and his coaching programs to any executive looking to enhance his or her podium power.”

– H. Brian Thompson, Chairman, Comsat International

“Matthew’s [speechwriting] work was always excellent. He was creative and thoughtful in helping develop key messages and then turning those messages into appropriate words. Having worked closely with Matthew for nearly four years, I am sure he will bring value to any client or employer. Accordingly, I give Matthew a wholehearted recommendation.”
– Charles R. Lee, Former Chairman and CEO, GTE Corporation (now Verizon)

“Based on my personal experience, Matthew Cossolotto is a superb communications executive, a top-notch speechwriter, and a very talented speech coach.  Matthew’s powerful little book – All The World’s A Podium – is jam-packed with keen insights and invaluable tips about effective public speaking.  If you’re in a leadership position – or if you aspire to any kind of leadership role – I highly recommend that you read Matthew’s book and bring him in as a speechwriter or coach.”

– Chris A. Sinclair, Former Chairman and CEO, Pepsi-Cola Co.

Cossolotto was interviewed by TJ Walker about “The Joy of Speaking.” Click on this link to watch the short, informative interview:

More About Matthew Cossolotto (“The Podium Pro”)

The author of All The World’s A Podium, HabitForce! and The Almanac of European Politics, he’s working on a new book with a foreword by Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame titled The Power of Making a Promise. Matthew brings his Personal Empowerment Programs — “PEPTalks”– to a wide range of audiences including colleges, nonprofits, associations, agencies, and corporations.  Topics include:

  • The Power of Making a Promise
  • The Joy of Speaking
  • Success Is An Inside Job
  • Your HabitForce Checkup From The Neck Up

To book Matthew as a speechwriter, speech coach or guest speaker, contact Matthew@ThePodiumPro.com.  For more information, please visit http://www.ThePodiumPro.com and http://www.MakeAPromiseDay.com. “Standing O” and “Make A Promise Day” greeting cards and other exciting gift items are available for convenient online purchase by visiting Matthew’s Zazzle store: http://www.Zazzle.com/TheCoz.

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