"Make A Promise Day" — May 4th

May The Fourth Be With You!

The Official “Birth Certificate” of Make A Promise Day in Westchester — Matthew Cossolotto, Creator of Make A Promise Day (May 4th) Releases Long-Form MAPD Proclamation To Dispel Any Doubt or Skepticism

It's Official! Today is Make A Promise Day in Westchester County, New York

For those who may not have been satisfied with the release of my short YouTube video in which I display and read the Make A Promise Day Proclamation issued by Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino — Link to the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fXex1ZjpXs I have decided to release the long-form of the Proclamation.  You could say that this is the official “birth certificate” of Make A Promise Day in Westchester County, New York.   As you can see, it’s official!  The Proclamation is duly signed and dated May 4, 2011.  Today is Make A Promise Day in Westchester County, New York.

The Make A Promise Day movement began last year with the first annual Make A Promise Day on May 4, 2010.  The special day was officially proclaimed with the February 15, 2011, unanimous adoption of a Make A Promise Day resolution by the Yorktown Town Board.

I trust that the release of this official long-form of the Proclamation from the Westchester County Executive will put to rest any lingering doubts or skepticism about the official birth of Make A Promise Day in Westchester County, New York.  My hope is that widespread awareness of this Proclamation will encourage other jurisdictions in New York and around the country (not to mention other countries) to adopt similar proclamations, thereby spreading the concept of Make A Promise Day and the power of making a promise to millions of people around the world.

The birth of Make A Promise Day in Westchester is an important step in my personal mission to share the power of making a promise with millions of people around the world.  Please help me spread the word.  Circulate copies of the Proclamation to authorities in your locality, state/province, and country and ask them to issue similar Proclamations.

Why is Make A Promise Day so important?

Make A Promise Day is the only unofficial “holiday” dedicated to personal empowerment, goal-achievement and integrity enhancement.   To share the power of making a promise with millions of people, I’m writing a book called The Power of Making a Promise with a foreword by Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.  In his foreword Jack writes about a promise he made to God when he was a young man.  Here’s a short excerpt from Jack’s foreword:

When Matthew first told me about the heartfelt promise he made to his mother and that he was launching a special day called “Make A Promise Day” on May 4th, I was hooked. You could say he had me at “I promise.”…

Contributing the foreword to this book and being associated with Matthew’s inspiring “Make-A-Promise” project is totally aligned with my life’s purpose. I applaud Matthew for collecting and celebrating these uplifting stories about promises made and promises kept.

John Assaraf, best-selling author of Having It All, wrote this about my “Make A Promise” project: “I agree completely with that there is something uniquely powerful about making a promise that goes beyond traditional goal-setting.”

Here are a few prominent examples of the power of making a promise:

Nancy Brinker, author of Promise Me and founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, promised her sister and breast cancer victim Suzy that she would help find a cure.

Bill Clinton made a promise to Chelsea that he would watch his diet and take care of his health.

Oprah Winfrey made a promise to Nelson Mandela that she would build a school for girls in South Africa.

Kody Bateman, founder of Send Out Cards, made a promise to his older brother that led to the creation of this inspirational company.

• NBC’s Al Roker made a promise to his dying father that he would deal with his weight issues.

As a guest speaker, I offer several Personal Empowerment Programs (PEPTalks) to a variety of audiences including schools and colleges, corporations, government agencies, and nonprofits.  Here are the titles of my top three PEPTalks:

The Power of Making a Promise: Make A Promise. Keep Your Word. Change Your Life. Transform The World.

The Joy of Speaking: Turn Stage Fright Into Stage Delight and Speak Your Way to the Peak

Success Is An Inside Job:  Harness Your HabitForce and Reach Your Peak Personal Potential

If you have an uplifting promise story that you’d like to include in my books, presentations, or interviews … please send a short overview of your story to Matthew.Promises@Gmail.com.

For more background information about Make A Promise Day and the power of making a promise … I was featured last week on Gail Lynne Goodwin’s popular Inspire Me Today website.  Here’s the link to the feature story: http://www.inspiremetoday.com/archiveDisp.php?type=0&ref=1126.  Also here’s the link to a short version of the “What’s Your Promise?” interview I recorded with Gail about the life-changing promise she made to her daughter:  http://youtu.be/NfsOpV92sB0.  It’s really an inspirational interview.

Additional “What’s Your Promise? interviews are available on my YouTube channel:  www.YouTube.com/ThePodiumProTV.  Featured promise-makers include Chris Cade, Patti Wood, Stefania Lucchetti, Todd Newton, Roslyn Franken, and Kim Wright.

About Matthew Cossolotto: Creator of “Make A Promise Day” (May 4th), Matthew Cossolotto (aka “The Podium Pro”) is an author, guest speaker, CEO-level speechwriter, and speech coach. A former aide to House Speaker Jim Wright and Congressman Leon Panetta, Matthew also served as a CEO speechwriter at MCI, Pepsi-Cola International, and GTE. The author of HabitForce! and All The World’s A Podium, he’s working on a new book with a foreword by Jack Canfield about the power of making a promise. Matthew brings his Personal Empowerment Programs — “PEPTalks”– to colleges, associations, and corporations. Visit http://www.ThePodiumPro.com;  http://www.MakeAPromiseDay.com; http://www.MakeAPromiseDay.wordpress.com; Follow Matthew and “Make A Promise Day” on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/MakeAPromiseDay.  “Make A Promise Day” greeting cards and other exciting gift items are available for convenient online purchase by visiting Matthew’s Zazzle store: www.Zazzle.com/TheCoz.

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  1. May the 4th be with you too Matthew. Thank you for inspiring us to reach our goals through the power of promise, on this day and every day.

    Happy Make a Promise Day!!!

    Truly Inspired,


    Comment by Kathleen Betts | May 4, 2011 | Reply

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