"Make A Promise Day" — May 4th

May The Fourth Be With You!

“Standing O” Experts to help you reach your goals and keep your promises!

I’m excited about compiling and posting a list of experts on the Make A Promise Day website.  I refer to this list as my “Standing O” list of experts who can help others find their passion, reach their goals, and keep their promises.  Here’s the list of experts currently featured on the website, complete with photos, brief descritions and website links.  For immediate access, here’s the exact page on the website:  http://www.makeapromiseday.com/May4Launch:

Ken Brown, Les Brown, Brendon Burchard, Jack Canfield, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Roslyn Franken, Rick Frishman, Rich German, Lee Glickstein, Mark Victor Hansen, Steve Harrison, Paul Hoffman, Gay Hendricks, Peggy McColl, Norm Lapalme, Brian Proctor, David Riklan, Tony Robbins, Ken Shelton, Lou Tice, Granville Toogood, and Brian Tracy.  This list of feature experts is sure to grow over time.  If you have suggestions for additional expert resources, please let me know.

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HabitForce! “The User’s Guide for Your Personal Operating System”

Signed copies available by visiting www.ThePodiumPro.com.   The book is a great resource to help you reach your goals and keep your promises!   Tell your friends.  Makes a great gift.  Helps you start off the New Year with the right frame of mind.  Personal empowerment is the gift that keeps on giving … for a lifetime. 

HabitForce! by Matthew Cossolotto

“This truly is personal change you can believe in!
Ken Shelton, Publisher/Editor
Leadership Excellence

“Matthew shows readers how to not only survive failure but thrive by replacing FAILURE habits with their  SUCCESS counterparts.  If you believe that success — not failure — is your destiny, this book is a must read.” 

Peggy McColl

New York Times Best-Selling Author, Your Destiny Switch


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